Gambling PacMan!

Gambling PacMan!

I didn’t seep so well tonight. I had this little game

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idea some days ago and I was awake thinking about how to implement this game with PoliteJS’s Workspace setup.

Here is a first draft release: Gambling PacMan!
User interaction works only on mobile devices so far!

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PoliteJS Workspace

I write this article to present a little utility I’m working on my free time: PoliteJS Workspace.

Workspace is a ready to use GruntJS configuration which encourage to **write a *Single

Page Web Application* with a hight code modularity** heavily inspired to NodeJS.

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Quick NodeJS Http Server

If you are working on a simple web page or web app you may want to serve your assets through an http server but you don’t want to install such big solutions like MAMP or similar stuff.

http-server is a NodeJS command line utility which just allow you to start a zero config http server on a filesystem folder.

You may install it as a global module:

sudo npm install -g http-server

Then you can move to your working folder and launch:


Or you can specify the working folder as param:

http-server ~/MyWorkingFolder

Your files will be available at:

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Truly amazing, quick and simple!

fix grunt-browserify 2.0.1

The new 2.0.1 version of [grunt-browserify][1] task breaks the support for generating bundle’s source maps: (see reported issue #162) browserify: { target: { options: { debug: true // does not work anymore! } } } I proposed a [pull request to fix the problem][2] but until they evaluate and merge it you can fix the problem by yourself by using this [forked repo which contains the fix][3] or you can just edit a package source file: // file: grunt-browserify/lib/runner.js // place following code after line #158: if (opts.debug) { opts.bundleOptions.debug = true; } That’s it! ## Update: new config explained! We are now talking about this PR on GitHub and – thanks to [@RoboTeddy][4] – I can gives you the new configuration for the debug option: browserify: { target: { options: { bundleOptions : {

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debug: true } } } } This works and there should be another new options.browserifyOptions which I didn’t investigate yet. These are supposed to grant forward compatibility to support new browserify options. I like this approach but totally disagree with the version number they used to introduce this new configuration. They used a bug fix release number (2.0.1) which should

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do not break backward compatibility. [1]: [2]: [3]: [4]:

We use web standards to build multi platform mobile apps!