SenchaTouch: Add To Home Plugin

This plugin allow you to add an “add to home” behavior to your WebApp. AddToHome installs a floating panel when accessing the WebApp from an iOS Safari browser. This

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panel floats near the “add to home” call icon and contains textual and visual instructions to use the “add to home” iOS function. ## See In Action:

## Fork on GitHub! ## Where is this plugin used? * IVApp – Easy vat calculator ## Configurable Options: ### delay: Define a wait time before to show the “AddThoHome” floating panel. Use milliseconds. default: 100 ### modal: Define if the floating panel has a modal behavior or not. default: true ### hideOnMaskTap: Define if “AddToHome” floating panel hides when tap on the modal mask. default: true ### showToolbar: Define if display a toolbar inside the “AddToHome” floating panel. default: false ### toolbarTitle: Define a title for the toolbar ### toolbarUi: Define what UI to use within the toolbar. default: light ### showOkButton: Define if display an “Ok” button at the bottom of the

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“AddToHome” floating panel. default: false ### okButtonText: Define the text to show on the Ok! button ### contentHtml: Define the content for the panel. You can use HTML inside. ### styleHtmlContent: Define if to apply default rendering guidelines to the panel’s HTML. ### contentScroll: Define if “AddToHome” floating panel content is scrollable or

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not. default: true

  • ideamonk


    Thanks for this awesome plugin. We shifted to Sencha Touch 2 since mid-december, so I wrote one based on yours today.

    It’s heavily inspired from your work. It’s buggy right now and doesn’t support iPads.

    Thanks again!

    • admin

      I’m very proud of your comment!
      I will try ST2 as soon as possible, please update this conversation with your upgrades!