Backbone: how to refresh a Router action

There is a** little bug** in BackboneJS Router’s logic: If you try to trigger the same route twice (or more) then linked action is triggered only once. In this simple tutorial I tell you why this behavior happens and I propose a simple workaround to let things works. I also set up a jsFiddle example to demonstrate how this bug influence your app and the simple workaround to kill it. ## The Problem The problem lyes in BackboneJS History loadUrl() method logic: BackboneJS listen for a change event to the page’s url. If you don’t change the url hashtag BackboneJS will not trigger any event! ## Workaround This is not a real “solution”. This is just a quick workaround. 1. You can listen for the event who need to trigger a Router’s action. May be a link, a button or

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other events. 2. Then you can force

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the Router to change the url to a non-routed value before your event happens. Pretend you have a link that points to a routed hashtag:

<a href="#/myroute">...

Then you can intercept the action of this link and do something as follow:

$('a').click(function(){ MyRouter.navigate('a-non-router-url'); });

## jsFiddle Test Case Click here to open a working example on jsFiddle now. You can see a preview in the embed fiddle below.